About Us

After my studies in biomedical sciences, I became a stay-at-home mom. In 2012, pregnant with my second boy, I saw adorable animal-themed hats on the internet. I already knew how to knit, but I learned to crochet to make these pretty hats for my kids.

I eventually got the idea of starting a small business to devote myself to my favourite hobby and make a little money doing so. The La Capitaine Crochète adventure began in February 2013. That year, I crocheted dozens of owl hats.

I later discovered reusable scouring pads made with nylon net. I really liked this product and started bringing some with me to craft markets, not imagining that in August 2016 my company would make a complete turnaround. A friend posted about her scouring pad purchase in a Facebook group. That day and the next, I sold 31 scouring pads. 8 months later, I had sold 1,000.

Little by little, I started offering a wider variety of colours and shapes. I eventually added reusable exfoliating sponges. Then in 2018, I launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for my new DIY kits. It is now possible for anyone who knows how to crochet to make scouring pads with my original patterns and the same durable nylon net I use.

My beautiful business keeps growing. That’s why I am now surrounded by a team of wonderful women who help me crochet the hundreds of scouring pads and exfoliating sponges sold every year in my online store, at craft markets and in stores.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my company. I look forward to crocheting reusable scouring pads and exfoliating sponges that you soon won’t imagine ever doing without!

Véronique Houde

Crocheter, creator and boss — La Capitaine Crochète

About our support to the Véro & Louis Foundation

I am the mother of three beautiful boys: William, Gabriel and Olivier. My two oldest sons are autistic. This brings daily challenges, of course, but it is the future that is a source of concern for my family, as well as for many other families with autistic children. Unfortunately, when people with autism reach the age of 21, help services are almost non-existent.

The Véro & Louis Foundation is a source of hope for many families; the foundation’s mission is to build homes specifically designed to meet the needs of adults with autism who require daily support. The Véro & Louis Foundation offers families whose autistic children have grown up, that which is most precious to them: the assurance that their child has a safe and caring home, as well as a stimulating one. For more information, visit fondationverolouis.com.

I am extremely proud to offer my support to the Véro & Louis Foundation since January 2017. Here is precisely how I support the Foundation:

  • Three percent of La Capitaine Crochète’s income is donated directly to the Foundation;
  • Every April, during Autism Awareness Month, a special fundraising campaign is organized. In April 2017, $5 was donated to the Foundation for each heart-shaped scouring pad sold. In 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, I donated $3 for each blue scouring pad and exfoliating sponge sold. In 2022, I donated $2 for each scouring pad and exfoliating sponge sold, no matter the colour.
  • From January 2017 to December 2022, $12,607 were donated to the Véro & Louis Foundation.
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