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The essential sponge for your daily personal hygiene routine.

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Watermelon reusable exfoliating sponges from La Capitaine Crochète allow for a soft exfoliation as you wash. Made from 100% polyester yarn, they are a durable alternative to store-bought bath poufs. Diameter is 11cm.

Durability: at least one year.

After use: hang to dry.

Maintenance: machine wash in a laundry net. Hang to dry. These exfoliating sponges do not go in the dryer.

Our exfoliating sponges are perfect for more delicate skins that don’t appreciate a rough exfoliation. Only a small amount of soap (bar or liquid) is required. Our sponges only soak up a small quantity of water, so they dry quickly after use.

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100% polyester


Regular: 11cm (4.25in)
Large: 13cm (5in)


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