Susan Bates ® soft ergonomic ™ Crochet Hooks


Ergonomic aluminium crochet hooks.


Susan Bates ® soft ergonomic ™ crochet hooks in Silvalume ® aluminium are offered in the following sizes:

  • E4/3.5mm;
  • F5/3.75mm;
  • G6/4mm;
  • 7/4.5mm;
  • H8/5mm;
  • I9/5.5mm;
  • J10/6mm;
  • 5/6.5mm.


  • Soft Ergonomic handles;
  • In-line head helps reduce wrist motion;
  • Colour coded by size;
  • Size printed on handles.

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7/4.5mm, E4/3.5mm, F5/3.75mm, G6/4mm, H8/5mm, I9/5.5mm, J10/6mm, K10.5/6.5mm, kit E4/3.5 mm + F5/3.75 mm + G6/4 mm + 7/4.5 mm + H8/5 mm + I9/5.5 mm + J10/6 mm + K10.5/6.5 mm


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