Scouring pad – Large


Your ally to scrub everything in the house.


La Capitaine Crochète’s large scouring pad is your ally to scrub everything in the house. Made of 100% nylon net, it reduces waste since one pad can replace many traditional green pads. Diameter is 12cm (4.75in). Our scouring pads are handmade with love by our expert team. Crocheting nylon net is not at all easy. The listed sizes are approximate; you may receive an item that is bigger than announced. Thanks for your understanding.

Durability: at least a few months. Colour may alter with time without efficiency being affected.

After use: remove excess water and hang to dry.

Very easy maintenance. To wash your scouring pad, you can:

  • put it in the dishwasher’s highest tray;
  • soak it in hot water with baking soda added;
  • put it in the washing machine in a laundry net (do not put it in the dryer).

Caution: excess dye may be released during the first washes and uses, particularly for red and purple.

Efficient on a great variety of surfaces without risk of scratching, including:

  • stainless steel
  • nonstick coating of pots, pans, molds and plates;
  • ceramic plate;
  • ceramic glass (oven top);
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • silicone;
  • enamel;
  • tableware;
  • cast iron;
  • oven interior;
  • and more.

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Adapted from The Crafts, Life and Times from Nadine pattern.

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Surprise colour (La Capitaine's choice), White, Grey, Black, Butter, Banana, Lemon, Gold, Pineapple, Neon, Orange, Red, Romance, Petal, Baby Pink, Candy, Fuchsia, Magenta, Mauve, Peach, Coral, Hyacinth, Lilac, Amethyst, Lavender, Violet, Purple, Orchid, Wine, Mint, Apple, Spring, Olive, Kelly, Jade, Forest, Lime, Turquoise, Aqua, Glacier, Sky, Steel, Periwinkle, Royal, Azure, Navy, Ivory, Beige, Bronze, Brown, Chocolate


100% sturdy nylon net


12cm (4.75in)


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