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Why become a retailer of La Capitaine Crochète products?

  • La Capitaine Crochète was founded in 2013. Our focus on scouring pads began in 2016; in 2017, we added exfoliating sponges to our products.
  • More than 40 physical points of sale in the province of Quebec, with 23,000 scouring pads and 1,400 exfoliating sponges sold;
  • Bilingual labelling; 
  • You are supporting a reliable, socially involved creative entrepreneur appreciated by her peers, as well as her wonderful team of fabulous, detail-oriented women. 

tampon à récurer

Our scouring pads:

  • Have a lifespan of many months at least; 
  • Are washable in a dishwasher, washing machine, or in boiling water;
  • Can be used on all surfaces with no risk of scratching.  

la capitaine crochète éponges exfoliantes réutilisables régulière

Our exfoliating sponges:

  • Have a lifespan of at least 1 year;
  • Are machine-washable;
  • Help soap to lather and dry quickly after use. 

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I would love to have you as a partner. A lot of information is already available in the retailer conditions section, but if you have any remaining question before opening your wholesale account, do not hesitate to contact me. 

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