Retailer conditions

Retailer conditions may be modified without notice. General sales and website usage conditions can be found here.

Products available to retailers

The short version of this story is that until very recently, retailers were only allowed to sell our regular round scouring pads.  

We are starting to add some original models to our retailer offer. Available quantities are as currently listed to manage our stress levels. With time, we will adapt to the demand and, we hope, be always able to keep larger quantities in stock. 

Important: I ask that retailers not sell both La Capitaine Crochète and her competitor’s scouring pads to avoid confusion for clients. 

Products available for retailers:

Retailer pricing

A discount is offered to our retailers:

  • 40% off scouring pads (you pay 60% of our retail price);
  • 30% off exfoliating spongers (you pay 70% of our retail price).

This discount is only visible when logged into your previously approved wholesale account.

Resale price

The suggested retail price for each product is the one that is struck through when logged into your wholesale account.

Minimum order

The minimum order is $150 (before shipping and taxes). This corresponds to an order of 25 regular scouring pads.

Shipping fees

Shipping fees are as follows:

  • $20 for orders between $150 and $749.99 before taxes;
  • Free for orders of $750 and above before taxes.

Shipping is done through Canada Post or Purolator.

Ordering and payment

Orders are placed via the retailer order form (also available at the Retailer tab when logged into your wholesale account.

Invoice is payable within 30 days of receiving your package, by electronic bank transfer, Interac money transfer or by cheque.

Processing time

Orders will be shipped within 5 business days.