Exfoliating Soap Pouch


The essential soap pouch for your daily personal hygiene routine.


Reusable exfoliating soap pouches from La Capitaine Crochète allow for a soft exfoliation as you wash. Made from 100% polyester yarn, they are a durable alternative to store-bought bath poufs. Dimensions are 14 x 8.5cm (5.5 x 3.25in).

Durability: at least one year.

After use: hang to dry.

Maintenance: machine wash in a laundry net. Hang to dry. These exfoliating soap pouches do not go in the dryer.

Our exfoliating soap pouches are perfect for more delicate skins that don’t appreciate a rough exfoliation. Our soap pouches only soak up a small quantity of water, so they dry quickly after use.

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Additional information


100% polyester

Colour - Exfoliating Sponge

Surprise duo (La Capitaine's choices), Surprise colour (La Capitaine's choice), Marshmallow, Oyster, Licorice, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Grape, Avocado, Honeydew, Icepop, Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Candy, Coral, Red, Sky, Mint, Mauve, Lilac, Brown, Iron, Denim, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Vanilla, Mustard, Terracotta, Rose Gold, Brass, Slate, Pewter, Purple, Amethyst, Turquoise, Unicorn, Mermaid, Fairy


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